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7 Types of House Extensions

Post by Admin , Mar 13, 2019.
Loft Conversions and Extensions

Extending your home is one of the most popular ways to increase living space and add value to your property. Most people only think of a single-story extension, not realising that there are many different options available. We have selected a few of the options that can be considered when looking to extend the space in your home.

  • Add An Orangery-Style House Extension or Sun room

An orangery-style extension, not to be confused with a conservatory, provides extra room in your home that draws in the amazing natural light a conservatory gets but with the added benefit of still being usable all year round. A solid roof means that it is cooler in the summer and by connecting it to the central heating, keeps it warm in the colder months.

  • Convert Your Loft Space

Loft Conversions are often a lower cost alternative to extending your home and an effective way to maximise a space. Generally speaking, there are 3 types of loft conversions which slightly differ from one another depending on the rood structure of the property as well as the planning in the area.

  1. Dormer
  2. Mansard
  3. Hip to Gable

Our loft conversion specialists have extensive experience in the conversions as listed above.

  • Garage Conversion

If your property has an attached garage or other single story structure, a garage conversion or over structure extension could be a great option for creating space and adding value to your property. It is advisable to seek the advice of an expert before considering this option as it will be dependent on the type of brickwork you are building on to.

  • Extend Downwards with a Cellar or Basement Conversion

Basement conversions are relatively common among British households as utilising the space beneath your current property is an ideal way of gaining usable living space. Basement extensions can be complex; they require careful planning and design to ensure that you get the most from your space, without impacting your existing property.

  • Build a Side Return Extension

Side return extensions are one of the most popular ways to convert often unused garden space, incorporating it in to your home and improving either a terraced, or a semi-detached house, often creating a much larger, open-plan room perfect as a kitchen diner style living space. These can need careful planning and our experienced team can provide you with advice on what type of extension would fit your property.

  • Build a Single-storey House Extension

Single-story house extensions are one of the most traditional property expansions and can transform your home, often built within permitted development, a single storey extension can not only extend the living space of your home but increase the value of your property.

  • Double-storey House Extension

More cost-effective than a single storey house extension because it doubles up on the use of the foundations and roof – two of the most expensive parts of a build – a two-storey extension on this budget could measure up to 30-40m² (both floors). At the rear of a property, this would typically extend the kitchen with a new bedroom above.

Hyde has extensive experience in house extensions of all types and size, from bungalows to detached homes. If you're looking to extend your property and require guidance and inspiration on the types of works needed to be done, our expert builders and specialists can assist you throughout the whole process.

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