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Types of Commercial Building Works for Over the Holidays

Post by Admin , Nov 26, 2018.
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Commercial Building Services

While the staff are away…. let the builders play!

Commercial Building works, such as painting and decorating or general maintenance can cause disruption in the office if jobs are carried out during work hours. The impact can be felt even more so when you need an Office Refit, Refurbishment or Dilapidation carried out.

Whether you need a handyman to carry out minor works or full service property maintenance, the holidays are the perfect way to avoid major disruption in the office and carry out jobs you have been putting off. Returning to your office building or commercial building with everything in working order, is a great way to start off the new year.

We performed a Google Trends analysis to interpret whether there is a surge in google searches for “commercial building services” over the holidays. As you can see below, there has been a spike since November for such services in the UK:

Main Benefits:

  • No Disruption during work hours
  • Can complete multiple jobs at once

So what types of property maintenance services can you carry out in commercial buildings, over the holidays?

1.      Office Fit Out

Office Refits are work completed with a newly acquired space that requires an internal refit, or adapting an existing space. Office Fit Outs are a great way to gain privacy within the office or to add a room, like a boardroom or kitchen.

2.      Office Refurbishment

Office Refurbishments are a great way to add new life and jazz up your office without the added costs or implications of moving. Creating an aesthetically pleasing work space within the office can also improve productivity.



3.      Dilapidation

The simple definition of dilapidation is restoring a property back to its original condition once the Tenancy Agreement or Tenancy Lease has come to an end. The holidays provide the perfect time to complete these jobs.



4.     General Maintenance

Putting off jobs for a long period of time can leave you with a big list and little to no time to complete them, without affecting the productivity of your staff. Completing these jobs while the office is empty provides the opportunity to complete multiple jobs at once.


5.      Painting & Decorating

A lick of paint can make the world of difference to the aesthetics of office or commercial building. These are jobs that require access to all parts of the building and also take a considerable amount of time to dry. Also, returning to a newly decorated office in the New Year can have a great impact on the office environment.


Additionally - PVC Hygienic Cladding

Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding provides a complete Hygienic Solution, which is easy to install and maintain. It is made to last and assists in the cleaning process. Again, this kind of job requires access to every part of the room/building the work is required in.

How We Can Help

Our team of expert builders can carry out Commercial and Property Maintenance services over the Christmas period without causing disruption within the office. Come back to a fresh space in 2019!

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