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How is Hyde Construction tackling UK Construction skills shortage?

Post by Admin , Jun 08, 2017.
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With the uncertainty of a hung parliament following the General Election and Brexit negotiations looming, UK Builders and Construction firms face a number of serious challenges, none more so than the ongoing skills shortage.

In the run up to the General Election, the Chartered Institute of Building published its own 2017 Manifesto, ‘
Building The Case For Construction’, in which one of their five core proposals was for a ‘robust system for training and skills development’. According to the CIOB, the UK Construction industry ‘could see a 20-25% decline in available labour within a decade due to an ageing workforce and low levels of new entrants’. 

The skills gap in Construction isn’t a new phenomenon, but the 2008 financial crisis worsened the problem on several fronts. Banks became reluctant to grant loans for Construction projects, causing many skilled Construction workers to leave the industry, while graduate and apprenticeship programmes were cut, reducing the number of new entrants to the workforce. While the banks may have started lending again, the industry’s labour issues are far from over, with 400,000 workers set to retire from the industry within the next five to ten years according to the Federation of Master Builders.

Against that background, Brexit may now bring an increased urgency to the matter, given that EU workers have frequently been used as short term fixes to fill skills shortages for UK firms. Migrant labour accounts for approximately 12% of the total workforce, but upwards of 50% in London. The CIOB argues that ‘the most effective way to reduce its reliance on migration into construction jobs is for the industry to invest heavily in training, mentoring and developing young UK citizens’.

“In a post-Brexit world, the next generation of construction workers – whether tradesmen, technicians, or managers – will have to be home grown.” 
– James Wates, former President of the Chartered Institute of Building

As a small to medium-sized Building and Construction firm based in Kent, Hyde is hardly likely to influence the direction of the Brexit negotiations, but we can take steps to address the skills shortage in our industry and contribute to making UK Construction stronger and better able to face the possible impact of Brexit.

At Hyde Construction

, we are well aware from our own experience that recruiting skilled tradesmen has become harder. While we have built a team of experienced, loyal and highly-skilled builders and tradesmen, adding to that team as we grow is becoming a challenge.

Building A Stronger Future

Luckily, we have a solution. We are proud to be actively training new and enthusiastic entrants to the building market, teaching them practical construction skills that extend what they already know. We bring them onto our team, working alongside highly experienced workers to teach them the skills they need to be successful with us and in our industry.

Our focus is to continue growing our team with local trainees, providing them with much needed mentoring and training to improve their own quality and work with us on our growing business. 

Our customers expect quality, whatever the price or size of the building project they have undertaken. SME builders and construction firms like ours cannot afford to cut corners and make mistakes, as they cost money and damage reputations. However, we also can’t afford to let the UK building industry continue to lose out through skills shortages. Carefully supervised training provided by highly-skilled and experienced professionals is the answer, and we’ve shown that it works.  

At Hyde Construction, we insist on a quality finish every time and that can only be achieved with quality builders and tradesmen. We know that the time we put into ongoing training and development for our team will be repaid to us in a better quality finish, getting the job done on time and on budget, and happy customers who will return or recommend us. Whatever the eventual outcome of the Brexit negotiations, we believe that investing in our team and their skills is key to building a strong future for our firm. 

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