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What are Wall Partitions?

Post by Admin , Aug 23, 2018.

Your company has moved into a new office but it’s open planned. Do you want a conference room? Does the Director want his own office? Also, considering dilapidation regulations, are you allowed to change the structuring of the office? The temporary solution to this is to adapt the existing space through Wall Partitions.

What are wall partitions?

Wall partitions are relatively thin walls which are used to separate or divide a room within an open space. They are often non load-bearing walls, meaning they don’t need a support vertical load in addition to its own weight and is not an active structural element of a building. There are 2 types of partition walls; Solid which are usually made from brick or block-work, and Framed which are generally made from timber, steel or aluminium frames clad. These walls can also be constructed from the materials as listed: cloth, plastics, plasterboard, wood, blocks of clay, concrete and glass. As well as spatial division, framed walls can also provide privacy, acoustic and fire separation. Furthermore, they can incorporate openings, windows, doors, ducting, pipework, sockets, wiring, and more. Due to dilapidation regulations, since the walls are non-load bearing, they provide great flexibility as they don’t impact the existing space. The walls are often lightweight, framed systems which can be easily moved and changed relatively quickly without impacting the existing structure of the space. In addition, you also have the option of movable partition walls which are generally preferred in an office space. They are:

-          Pipe and drape systems

-          Free-standing screens

-          Folding partitions

-          Sliding partitions

With years of experience, our specialists can advise you on design and layout, including the use of materials. We will give you the necessary support to deliver the right set up for your business. We have also acquired documentation and insurances in place required for commercial premise works and can adapt them as necessary ensuring the requirements of each project are met.

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