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What are the different types of Loft Conversions?

Post by Admin , Aug 23, 2018.
Loft Conversions and Extensions

According to The Guardian, it has been reported that a loft conversion could potentially add up to 20% to the value of your home. They often are lower cost alternatives to extending your home and an effective way to maximise a space. Moving homes can be extremely costly, hence the only way is up!

There are 3 types of loft conversions which slightly differ from one another depending on the roof structure of the property as well as the planning in the area; Dormer, Mansard and Hip to Gable.


Dormer Loft Conversions are by far the most popular type of conversion amongst London homeowners as it adds additional space through the addition of a large floor area and headspace. This oftentimes makes it the largest room within a property. In addition, it’s simply an extension to the existing roof, meaning no dramatic altercations are made to the existing roof. It generally is a steel structural extension which often hangs in tile or slate, projecting vertically from the plane of a sloping roof. They generally take about 8-12 weeks to complete, and do not require planning permission, which therefore allows for works to commence quicker.


A Mansard Loft Conversion is known to be the most aesthetically pleasing conversion due to the incorporation of windows as small dormers within the conversion. Mansard Loft Conversions are often found at the rear of a property. It changes the sloping side of a roof to an almost vertical slide with one of at least 72 degrees. They are known to be one of the harder conversions as it requires the most works to be done due to the impact it makes on the existing roof structure. In addition, planning permissions are required as well.

Hip to Gable

Hip to Gable Loft Conversions are popular options for many semi-detached or detached properties with a hipped roof. It extends the hips of your existing roof into the gable end. This is done through extending the property on the sloping side by replacing the sloping roof with a vertical wall at the end to the same height as the ridge. The space in between them is then filled. Oftentimes, this style of conversion is combined with a Dormer or Mansard Loft Conversion to create additional flooring to a home. They generally take about 5-6 weeks and do not require planning permissions thereby allowing works to commence quicker.

Prior to a conversion, establishing the suitability of your roof is extremely crucial. Our specialist's will assess your roof and determine the appropriate form of conversion. If possible, we will avoid changing the pitch of your roof and help you design any changes ensuring minimum fuss and cost. If you need guidance, our experts will work alongside you to convert your loft with minimum fuss and maximum impact!

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